Journalists Seeking The Worst from Interviews

August 2011 Sunset

August 2011 Sunset

The lowering lake levels of Lake Conroe has become a story journalists are pursuing in earnest. In each story, the focus is to make the lake look really bad!

I know of three persons interviewed recently for stories that said the interviewer was only interested negative answers. Judging from the boat usage on the lake, the real story is about people still having fun on Lake Conroe. That’s not what makes a good story for journalists though.

Especially deceptive have been the Houston Television networks. Somewhere they find an area to film that looks nothing like 99% of the rest of the lake. Lake Conroe was never a constant level lake and properties in shallow coves have had these same conditions before. This isn’t good journalism, it is someone trying to make things fit the story they already wrote.

I can understand the local lakefront property owners in shallow coves being upset, but as this recent photo testifies, the main lake remains a source of boating and spiritual pleasure for most of us that notice. So when a journalist comes to interview you, remind them that you ‘love Lake Conroe’ and wouldn’t live where they live even if the lake were empty!